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Reputation on Steem

The Steem blockchain has a built-in reputation system that calculates a person’s reputation within the community by assessing the interactions that people have with his or her content. Whenever someone upvotes your content, this has a positive effect on your reputation, and if that person has a high reputation and significant Steem Power, the effect is more pronounced. The opposite is true for when a person downvotes your content. In this case, your reputation is affected negatively.

Reputation on Steem is expressed as a score, which starts at (25) for every new account and either goes up or down from there.

For Utopian users, their reputation is impacted by the types of interactions their contributions receive from the community. Whenever project owners or other contributors upvote their content, their reputation improves. Your reputation gives potential partners a glimpse into the kind of contributions you make, how well they are received and your relative standing within the community.

It bodes well for Utopian users to respect other Utopian users and contribute to the community in valuable and productive ways, to grow a reputation and attract more work in the future.