Building the Official Utopian.io Help Center

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About contributing to Open Source projects

Utopian is a place where contributors from all over the world can share the work that they are doing for Open Source projects and get rewards, visibility and recognition. It also serves as a social platform where contributors can form communities around the projects they care about. It enables them to coordinate their work, organize their task structures and collectively focus on milestones or roadmaps.

Utopian works on a proof-of-work basis, on which contributions are accepted if they provide sufficient proof of the work that has been done. This normally means that contributions containing complete work, or a complete milestone of a larger work, will be accepted. Project moderators, or Utopian moderators, review all contributions and only accept the contributions that meet their task requests or aim to improve the projects. This safeguards the platform from spammers and other ill-intentioned individuals.

There are two basic ways in which you can start contributing to Open Source projects via Utopian.

Find task requests

A good way to quickly identify projects that need contributions that match your skill set is to browse the task requests pages. These display all task requests made by project owners on Utopian, with options to sort and filter according to projects, the type of work and skills required.

Browse task requests to find projects actively looking for contributors

Find projects you know on GitHub

If you know a project on GitHub that doesn’t have an active presence on Utopian yet, you can also start making contributions to it and sharing your work on Utopian. It will also be the right opportunity to let the project owners or managers know about Utopian and how they can use the platform to manage their project’s development and find skilled contributors to work with. You can also show them the Project Owners Quick Start Guide to help them get started.